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We are fully committed to bringing your vision to life.

We work with ​​buying and selling real estate in the Orlando area. With our extensive inventory of homes and businesses, we have total commitment to your entire process. From property search, value analysis, development of the area, and to aid with terms of financing and qualification.

Our Team

We Love What We Do

Ricardo Dusson

I'm Ricardo Dusson, I work as a Realtor in the Orlando area with La Rosa Realty. My main goal is to help you, and the people you love, to fulfill your dream to live well, to take well-deserved vacations or even to sources of income. For this I put at your disposal all my knowledge acquired over the years.

Cizar Alzate

I'm Cizar Alzate. I have a combined experience in the areas of mortgages and real estate and commercial realtor for over 15 years. My biggest goal is to dedicate my time and heart to achieving your goals, connected with the purchase of your first home or business in the US, or to help you strengthen your business portfolio.


What our customers are saying

I completely recommend the work of Ricardo and Cizar. Always ready to answer our questions and always with great professionalism. They oriented  and helped us with the best choice when purchasing our home in Orlando. The best professionals we know.

Anne Gomes

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